It’s Sunday, I Should Be _______ .

It’s Sunday.  We’re back from a great week of vacation.  I SHOULD be….cleaning the bathrooms {seriously, they’re embarrassing}, making dinner, picking up the remnants of Sally’s bed that she chewed through during a recent anxiety attack, poor pooch.

Instead of all the “shoulds”, I have been mourning the end to the Olympics, cue big bottom lip and some alligator tears.  I am so sad to see the events come to a close.  I am glued to the tv nightly, til I am nodding off.  Tearing up as they interview moms.  Screaming as runners come across the finish.  Putting my hands over my eyes, finding it hard to watch as gymnasts flip on narrow beams.  So, I am allowing myself a day of weeping and gnashing of teeth to say goodbye to the goodness of the games.

And to make myself feel better, I splurged on Trader Joes fun flowers.  (see above)  I made this amazing blueberry crisp recipe.  The best I’ve EVER had {sorry, Mom, but seriously… would say the same, I think!}.

I am delighting in the small things….Drew’s hair today.  OH MY.  OH WOW.  As I wrote on Facebook, “Drew’s hair would like to welcome you to Sunday morning. More caffeinated than a cup of Peets.”

….and Pirate Ships….with tow trucks and ferry capabilities.  (and grilled cheese sandwich storage facilities—-I was WONDERING how Alex did away with his lunch so quickly)  Not to mention campers going on grand journeys.

It’s Sunday.  I SHOULD be doing a number of “important things,” but instead, I’m enjoying the community of my church family.  Amused by the antics of the boys in my household.  Savoring amazing blueberry crisp at 5pm instead of making dinner.  And, crying a bit over the Olympics.

What’s on your “should” vs. “but, instead….” list for today?

3 thoughts on “It’s Sunday, I Should Be _______ .

  1. I “should” also be cleaning, but after clearing the decks enough to sit at the table for dinner with the whole fam and doing a little prep for dinner, I took a nap. Ahhhhh.

  2. You have inpired me…I think I will make a couple blueberry pies for Stinson ..before long the only blueberries available will come from Chile.

  3. Christine, I love how you blog and tell such great stories about your family. I wish we lived closer 🙂 it is fun to catch up on your blog as peek into the amazing life god has blessed you with. I hope all is well.

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