Enjoying a 3-D Milkshake at the Precipice

Dudes….we’re on the precipice.  Tomorrow….it begins.  Kindergarten!  Thrilled to watch our buggy-boo start the world of public education.  I know he’s so ready.  Aviator glasses purchased today.  Free haircut at JCPenny’s Salon {well not free—–I left a BIG tip as Mister Mister himself picked up an OPI bottle of nail polish, oogling at the Spiderman Collection they were selling and yes, dropped it.  On the hard, tiled floor.  It–OBVIOUSLY—shattered.  I tipped well as they wouldn’t accept payment.  I might have let out an expletive.  Just call me “demur, pastor’s wife”.}

It was the top left color, “Shatter the Scales” in case you were wanting to see what lured Alex in….

Anyhow, clearly, now that he’s entering the world of public education, we are done here.  Matt and I have completed our job.  Right?!?  Wrong. Wrong.  Wrong.  It’s a new landscape.  A new adventure.  A new frontier ahead.  And we’re teetering on the precipice.  Luckily, it is all about holding hands and going over it together.  No, I promise I will NOT be the mom that sits glued to my son’s side tomorrow, slowly weeping into a Kleenex.  He will kick me out, no doubt.  But I feel strongly that it is our job to love him and nurture him and give lots of boundaries with support as he enters this new stage of development.

As we enjoyed an early dinner tonight at In-And-Out, Alex ordered a 3-D Milkshake.  I seriously think those nail polish fumes got to his head.  We knew, due to many previous requests, that he was really asking for a Neapolitan, a mixture of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate that is on In-And-Out’s “secret” menu.

But folks, that’s the perfect example.   Sometimes, as calm, cool and collected as we all like to come across (take a look at the intro picture again….aviators….watch out), we just need our parents to translate our desires and needs into something understandable.

So, we take the leap to Room 3 tomorrow, calmed by the promise of an amazing teacher and a great community of friends and family walking alongside us along the way.   Parenting is about accepting and offering a lot of grace.  I’m hoping I can dole it out as freely and lovingly as the woman did for us today at the JCPenny Salon, “Shatter the Scales” dripping from her latex gloves as she mopped up Alex’s mess.

To close….a video that makes my NIGHT.  Please watch.  This is worth each of the 3 minutes and 19 seconds.  Thanks, Val, for sending it!

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