Our **little** Drewske turned 23 months yesterday. As each month ticks by, I look into his eyes deeper and deeper, wondering to myself, “What is your story, Drew? What will you be about as your life unfolds?” Will you be the listener and observer, a faithful friend?  The energizer, a comedian that keeps everyone on their toes, laughing?  A creative mind, expressing itself through words and art?  A linebacker, holding your place but committed to your band of brothers, your team?

I’m not fully sure, but I do so love watching and wondering. Some might call it “PROJECTING”.

Rather than getting too deep and philosophical, I want to share something that is uniquely TWENTY-THREE months. At least uniquely “DREW” at 23 months. The impetus for Drew’s smiles these days, while varied, has one sure motivator, especially when taking photos. Burping.

We happened upon this truth as Alex accidentally let one rip right as I was trying to get a smiling picture of Drew one night.  And since then, Alex’s ability to burp on cue has been utilized “on occasion” to get a good smile and laugh out of his brother (see photos below captured yesterday).

It is rather horrifying, or potentially amusing if I’ve had a glass of wine first, to realize that such an inappropriate thing would get a consistent smile and laugh. But hey, I’m living with three boys, this truth was bound to be revealed sooner or later.  Tonight, while reading our continuing bedtime novel, Danny, the Champion of the World, it all was validated or verified, thanks to Roald Dahl. Listen up as Danny’s dad talks about the infamous “dewlap”.

On this particular walk to school, there was an old frog croaking in the stream behind the hedge as we went by. ‘Can you hear him, Danny?’
‘Yes,’ I said.
‘That is a bullfrong calling to his wife. He does it by blowing out his dewlap and letting it go with a burp.’
‘What is a dewlap?’ I asked.
‘It’s the loose skin on his throat. He can blow it up just like a little balloon.’
‘What happens when his wife hears him?’
‘She goes hopping over to him. She is very happy to have been invited. But I’ll tell you something very funny about the old bullfrog. He often becomes so pleased with the sound of his own voice that his wife has to nudge him several times before he’ll stop his burping and turn around to hug her.’
That made me laugh.
‘Don’t laugh too loud,’ he said, twinkling at me with his eyes. ‘We men are not so very different from the bullfrog.'”

I am afraid we are just 23 months in on this fact—-my boys can get so distracted with these antics that one wonders if the original impetus for the smile will end.  No clue how these scenarios will build and continue over the years to come, but I must admit, I made myself burp to get that picture up on top this morning after Alex had left for school, and Matt for work.  What is this world coming too?!?  I’m figuring, if you can’t beat them, then join them?!

Happy 23 Months, Drew…

One thought on “Impetus

  1. Look at that cute outfit complimenting his adorable smile, blonde hair and blue eyes! It reminds me of Søren, who had both shirt and shorts at that age. I have to say, Ted’s mom says her favorite part about Ted coming “home” is that she gets to hear him burp and misses those sounds that once filled her home. And you’ll have to ask Søren to show you and Drew his frog sound. He keeps Sydney in stitches with it right now.Oh the joys of this stage of life!

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