Abundance in the form of Bob’s Red Peppers

Over and over, we have managed to find ourselves living next to amazing folks over the last 5 years as we became parents.  In each of the three locations, there has been someone who has taken on the role of surrogate grandparent to our kids.  Lots of treats, love, hugs,  kisses, overheard screaming and yelling.  Anyhow, our current next door neighbor is amazing.  Matt even talked about her in his last sermon (hear here at point 1 min, 28 sec).  Her husband, Bob, is a different personality, in fact VASTLY opposite, from his wife.  Bob is quiet, he keeps to himself, always wearing his weathered jeans and a white tank top undershirt.  He spends the majority of his day working on their garden and he has a big truck.  I  think Drew’s first phrase, in fact, was, “Bob’s Truck!”  Bob also has very bad hearing, so it is always a bit of a comical situation when the boys run over to the chain link fence that separates our backyards and try to “catch up” with Bob.  We usually are out eating dinner and Bob is watering the garden.  Poor guy, he no doubt wants quiet time to himself, but instead is inundated with “BOB! BOB!  BOB!” from Drew and long-winded, hard to understand sagas about Star Wars from Alex.

Yesterday, after menu planning, Alex & I headed out to procure our food from the land, from the local farmers, from our dear friends at Trader Joes.  We had our menu and shopping list in hand (similar to last week’s pictured below).

This week’s plan included LOTS of peppers.  Not only did I need them for recipes, but Alex eats the red variety like candy.  We jetted off to pick up Drew and then, upon returning home, heard a gentle knock at the door and resounding, deafening barking from Sally.  And it was Bob at the door, offering up a sacred bag of gorgeous, GYNORMOUS peppers.  He mumbled something under his breath about having too many, they all “burst up at the same, God-dang time”, thrust them over and left before Drew could blow him a kiss between, “BOB! BOB! BOB!!“.

And so here we sit with ABUNDANCE.  We have more than we need.  {seriously, any red pepper recipes out there, people!??!}  If Bob’s timing had been a few hours earlier, I wouldn’t have bought the prepackaged peppers.  I would have changed my menu plan for the week.  “I would have….”  “I would have….”  “I would have….”   In my deep down, good intention-filled places, I hope we can be minimalists {ha ha ha….as we cleaned our garage last weekend, I KNOW that is a pipe dream!}.  I desire to be grateful for what we have.  To know that we have enough, in fact, more than enough.

So this week, I am reminded of the abundance in our lives.  It took a plastic bag of Bob’s red peppers to help me remember.  A night out with my husband on Saturday, without the kids, helped too.  Drew playing dress up served as another touch point.  Games with the boys.  Kids belly laughing in the car {we all, me included, mistook an older woman in the car in front of us as a dog as we pulled out of church…maybe it was her fluffy hair?!?}.  Simple moments and common things, but true measures of abundance nonetheless.

So, chime in….where are you seeing abundance today?  If you are a blog lurker, take a minute to comment or add something on the Facebook comment section.  Think about abundance and wonder, “Where is life abounding, even in the hard places?”.  

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