You Hold Your Truth So Purely

Everyday life has seemed charged.  Maybe it’s the excitement of the Giants and their World Series dreams.  Perhaps the coming of Halloween in a week, cookies to bake & decorate.  Potentially it’s the first rain of the season & connections to Ramona Quimbey’s frustrations with rainboots.  The newness of the school year has worn off.  The routines are in place, and thus excuses to not abide by the routines are happening—making lunches each night CAN be seen as spiritual practice, but that’s HARD, people!!.

I see my life through the camera lens.  I just can’t help myself.  I feel naked and unprepared if I leave the house without some device to document life.  Having just finished Drew’s One-Two Year scrapbook, it became apparent how much this “addiction” is the case.  Too many pictures to sift through.  It may sound weird or unorthodox, but I think God uses my camera and its effect to help me see God’s gifts and handiwork more clearly.  And most of the time, I just can’t help but share it.  Some, (many, no doubt?!?) call it OVERSHARING.  Be it as it may, here I find myself.

The past few weeks have seen our schedule normalizing a bit without tons of travel or big events and day-to-day life is unfolding.  Garbage trucks loudly doing their thing.  Chances to makes trains come to life with chairs.  The impossible excitement of UPS AND Fed Ex trucks crossing paths, AT THE SAME MOMENT, in front of our house. Learning how to operate light switches, “ON!” and “OFF!”.   Still pictures don’t convey the non-stop movement, volume & loud emotions that overflowed during Halloween cookie making (Drew’s first induction to this world).  After the whole “brew ha ha”, Alex looked at me and reflected, “Mom, I think we learned something today.  Doing cookies with a two year old is a bad idea.”  I’m thinking there’s some wisdom in that 5 year old observation.  As Mumford & Sons professes on the song “Whispers in the Dark”, “You hold your truth so purely….”.  I can’t help but see that truth in my kids.  Maybe you can see it too in children around you or others that just manage to cling to simplicity.  So, here’s a little visual of the truth of life around here—pure and complicated as it may be.  Here’s to hoping we can conquer the pumpkin patch with a little less drama than the cookies!  (these two posts made me worry….here & here)

4 thoughts on “You Hold Your Truth So Purely

  1. Well, I for one, LOVE your over sharing because I totally get that need to document! I also get what you mean when you feel as if God helps you to see life through the lens. My camera helps me to stop and appreciate the small things, the moments that he gives to me.

  2. Tracey…YOUR post today totally had me. Matt talks about that truth of seeing God so clearly, in fact, MORE clearly in nature, outside of the trappings of buildings, etc. And your photography gets me everytime. Love, love, love it!!!

  3. Keep sharing Christine! I think that even those of us who don’t know you so well, love to follow your family’s daily adventures because your pictures and your words shine a light on those small moments which life is made up of and which are, to me at least, the meaning of life: “The impossible excitement of UPS AND Fed Ex trucks crossing paths, AT THE SAME MOMENT.” (I love that line!).
    My camera too, (my first digital camera to be exact – something to do with the greater objectivity that comes with framing a picture with a screen that, paradoxically, enables me to connect more deeply with my environment) helped me appreciate the gifts of our world.
    BTW, when I taught preschool, I learned that you don’t have to do a cooking project start to finish with the little ones – you can just have ‘special’ tasks for them to help with (though good luck with that when he’s watching his older brother do the whole thing!)

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