Vision from the Frontlines: Voices, Experiences & Practices of Faith Development


In the midst of day-to-day parenting, I am often hanging on for dear life to the basics.  Are the kids fed?  Clothed?  Bathed?  Safe?  At least 3 of the 4?   Often times, the parts of child development that really matter most get shoved aside.   I get too bogged down with the urgent rather than important.  And despite being passionate, in theory, about building a love for God within the lives of my two busy & creative boys, I just settle for survival and getting by.  Intentionality is brushed aside.

In an effort to put this topic at the forefront again, I have called upon some folks that I look to and admire in this arena.   My hope is to begin a short series of guest posts which share the voices, ideas, experiences and practices, the failures and attempts, of faith practices with children.  For me, I have often found that  many of these practices are just as practical and applicable for adults, giving us the chance to practice the command to be like children before God.  In sharing the stories and practices of our faith with youth, I find the deeper places within me questioning, seeking and learning too.

Vision from the Frontlines: Voices, Experiences & Practices of Faith Development will unfold later this week and I hope to have a post or two for the next few months.  Some will share tips and ideas for Advent.  Others will give thoughts on seeing the sacred in the everyday.  Each post will weave in struggles and mishaps too.  It is my hope that you will be met in the words of these folks—I know I have been time and time again in the past.  I can’t wait to share their stories and thoughts in the weeks to come.

sidenote:  If you would be interested in creating a post for this series, please contact me in the comment section.  The more, the merrier!

13 thoughts on “Vision from the Frontlines: Voices, Experiences & Practices of Faith Development

  1. Have you heard about Jotham’s Journey by Arnold Ytreeide? It is a great advent book. There is a series of books that we did as read aloud bedtime books for the girls when they were younger. When Sara was the only one getting bedtime books, Debbie and Michelle would sneak into Sara’s room to hear this series. Each chapter ends with a cliff hanger.

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