Let’s Get This Party Started

Maybe I’m still living on the high of attending a wonderful wedding yesterday, but it’s Monday and Christmas is SIX weeks away.  Six weeks!!!  And….I’m off to the East Coast for another bound to be epic and wonderful wedding this week.  Thus, my head goes into “MUST PREPARE FOR THE HOLIDAYS NOW BEFORE THANKSGIVING IS UPON US AND CHRISTMAS/ADVENT CREEPS IN!”

Today, I’m re-posting a few pieces I wrote a year ago for the Advent Season.  I am looking forward to sharing new insights and ideas via the Vision from the Frontlines series as well.  My dear friend Gail will be adding to the things I share here today this upcoming Thursday, the 15th.

Here are the two posts from last year:

Advent Preparation

The Jesse Tree & Advent Calendar Ideas

I also read some wonderful posts by others this morning and wanted to share them as we look towards the holiday season.

Rachel, from the Minimalist Mom, posted about 24 Clutter Free Advent Calendar Gift Ideas this morning.  A number of these ideas will be inching their way onto our plan for the advent season this year.

Tsh at Simple Mom is running a series about 6 Steps to a Relaxed Christmas.  Today was about the second step, ordering Christmas cards.  She talked about creating a holiday budget last week.  I love her approach to the holidays—start early, keep it simple and have a plan.  These simple steps actually take much of the stress out of the holidays.

Finally, Emily at Life Renewed is doing a series on Simplifying for the Holiday Season and is promoting a wonderful resource, an ebook called A Simpler Season.  The ebook, written by Jessica Fisher, has wonderful ideas and is “a guide to planning the winter holidays.  A Simpler Season provides creative ideas , time-saving tips, and budget-minded inspiration for making the most of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.”  Looks like a great buy.

Hopefully some of these resources, or my posts from last Advent, will get your mind rolling on this wonderful season we have in front of us.  Rather than approaching it with apprehension, overwhelm or unrealistic expectations, I hope to see this simpler approach as a foundation allowing for connection, calm {ha….with two boys!} and focus.

And yes, we will use our mitten advent calendar as always this year, but instead of chocolates, this LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar will also be used daily.  What a great resource to bring us closer to the TRUE meaning of the season….sigh.

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