dpp 2012 :: december 4th :: the straw that broke the camel’s back


Tonight I was editing the few pictures I managed to get today and this image caught me off guard.  When I snapped it earlier, Alex and I were in the middle of our Advent Calendar activity for the day, making salt dough ornaments.  {in case you are looking for another resource for Advent calendar ideas, here is my link, shared last year, with lots of options, including the salt dough ornament recipe}  We had rolled out the dough, cut the first batch of ornaments and they were waiting for holes to be created so they can be hung—-thus the straw.  Do you see what caught my eye?  That straw….sitting awfully close to that camel’s back? Was the straw ready to hatch an evil & malicious plan?  Or was it just a matter of coincidence?

Like so many of you, no doubt, there are many opportunities for life to tip from its precarious precipice.  Each day is filled with moments that can “almost” break us.  We raise our shoulders up to our ear lobes, straining and stressing to keep our breath steady and hold everything together.  Or at least, give the illusion that “All is calm.  All is bright.”  And sometimes, it isn’t.  Once in awhile that straw does just happen to break the camel’s back and we are undone.

During this season—not just Advent & the holidays—but the season of parenthood and life in general—I find myself so grateful for community.  The people in my life that are there not when I even get to the bottom of my bandwidth or end of my rope.  It is those that step in and offer grace before I even know the straw broke that camel’s back.  Confidants that remind me what really matters, today & in the past & looking towards the future.

Last year, I know I shared Shauna Niequist’s post about Christmas.  It is phenomenal (here it is in its entirety).  But I will copy the mantra she shared on her blog last year as a reminder—hopefully helping each of us catch ourselves before that straw and camel becomes a game changer.  And maybe even have enough reserves to do the same for those amazing folks around us.  Breathe in and out, say it over and over.

Present over perfect.

Quality over quantity.

Relationship over rushing.

People over pressure.

Meaning over mania.

December Photo Project 2012

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