dpp 2012 :: december 5th :: observation


I marvel at our dog, Sally.  She is one of the most anxious living things on Planet Earth when left alone.  Like so many of us, she never wants to be abandoned {it’s pretty clear that her beginnings were along those lines, sadly…}.  She spends 95% of her day near us.  Watching.  Relaxing.  Partaking in “gentle pets” by toddlers and young children.  She loves belly rubs and food remnants.  Sally has observed much of our life, joining “the family” eight months after we were married. I wonder what she thinks of the circus that surrounds her.  Does she see things the rest of us miss?  So grateful for her.  She has her rough edges, her fears and worries.  But don’t we all?  And there’s not many gifts like the unconditional companionship and love of a dog.

(confession:  this picture was taken on Sunday….forgive me….she still looks pretty much the same today on Wednesday)

December Photo Project 2012

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