dpp 2012 :: december 6th :: a new breadwinner


Through a lot of odd circumstances, my friend Kate and I found ourselves standing in line this morning waiting to be one of 100 people to get free bread for a year from Boudin Bakery.  Due to our husband’s humor and flexibility, we were able to make our crazy, unplanned scheme work—we waited 2 hours and indeed left with a canister with 365 coupons to get bread—our kids got to school mostly fed and clothed (just kidding) and it was a memory that will stick with us for a long time.  Kate and I are both unemployed, staying home with our munchkins…so we realized that due to our savvy & sacrifice (ha!) we have now become the BREADWINNERS for our family.  Step aside, men, the LADIES have got ya covered!  Bread for a year!

This unplanned insanity was such a lesson.  When in doubt, do the crazy thing.  Make the memory.  Get the bread, folks.  And the cool opportunity?  Now we get to pay it forward.  The bread comes in the form of 365 coupons that you can also “re-gift” and share.  Guess what everyone’s getting for Christmas??  Hoping we can give at least 1/2 to Second Harvest Food Bank and our own church that does meals for Bill Willson Center and the Faith in Action Rotating Shelter.  Any other options?  So fun!

December Photo Project 2012

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