dpp 2012 :: december 7th :: chompin’ broccoli


Oh my goodness…this bunny up-ends me.  We have been battling some “fun” parenting challenges this week—with both boys.   But, there are sweet moments that come out of nowhere sometimes and surprise me.  Tonight, it was over broccoli.  Drew clearly asked for the “broccoli” during dinner.  I looked at him quizzically and clarified, “BROCCOLI?!?!?”  He emphatically responded, “BROCCOLI!”  And he ate and ate it.  I laughed.

Parenting.  It’s a rather unexplainable mystery.  Parenting how-to books and experts try to offer scaffolding.  Friends give support advice and humor to get us through the foggy moments.  And then oftentimes, they just surprise us and live off the “bell curve“.

So after only capturing 3 pictures today, this one wins for the DPP image of the day.  To honor Saturday Night Live’s old sketch “Choppin’ Brocoli”, today’s picture is similarly named, “Chompin’ Broccoli.”

Happy Weekend, friends.  May it be filled with sleep, unscheduled downtime, good food, fresh air & life-giving community.

December Photo Project 2012

For your viewing pleasure, the original SNL Choppin’ Broccoli Skit….

And because the Lumineers are just so wonderful, here’s a few songs to keep you company…they are golden!  First, “Ho, Hey!” and then “Stubborn Love”.

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