dpp 2012 :: december 8th :: fort christmas


Our Advent Calendar Countdown plan for today included a fort built with Christmas lights….a cozy spot to read some of our favorite holiday books of the season.  {inspired by the super creative ladies at A Beautiful Mess and Rachel at Smile & Wave} Luckily Matt set to work building with Alex while I put Drew down to bed.  Drew in the fort would have meant imminent collapse.  It wasn’t the longest-lasting creation, but Alex still had a blast and fell asleep.

Thanks to my father-in-law’s willingness to help with my crazy scheme, we will soon have another more stable structure to enjoy, but first, I have to actually finish and sew the structure.  Stay tuned for completion {typing it here means I HAVE to complete it before the 25th!!}


Good times.

December Photo Project 2012


and one outtake…

Yes, Drew did put hummus on his knife and carefully spread it all over his Naan.

And indeed, said hummus-covered Naan did end up on Alex’s head, hummus side down.

True Confession….I let it happen.  And grabbed my camera, snapping many shots.

Bad Mom.

There is always the evening bath….


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