dpp 2012 :: december 9th :: “read all about it!”


I could NOT resist this tweed hat when looking for a little holiday sweater for my eldest a few weeks back.  Gymboree, sometimes you slay me.  Really.  Even more fun when Matt looked at it with some slight jealousy, having eyed them recently in Nordstrom for himself.  And in these moments, I realize, “I live in a house with boys.”  Three boys.  Luckily I love boy fashion.  Alex isn’t always the master of it (recently donning a rainbow tie dye t-shirt, plaid shorts, Spiderman socks, pirate boots & a conflicting plaid jacket——classy).  But, today?  I melted.  The newsboy hat style is just so cute.

So, the news today?  This addition marks my 300th post and tomorrow is the 2 year anniversary of starting this blog.  I was reflecting this morning on what a gift it has been for myself.  The last two years have mostly been filled with parenting, with a brief stint back in the classroom this past January – June.  Being consumed with motherhood, the kids’ schedules, meal planning and preparing, laundry and dish washer filling & emptying is tough for me.  I wish I was one of those people that was filled by that.  While I’m grateful for this role, even in the midst of hard days, it still can feel mind-numbing.  This blog has been a sweet outlet for me.  I love to write.  I find immense joy in looking and watching for inspiration to unfold with my camera in hand.  I am grateful for the ways God has pushed and challenged me in my faith & for the chance to process some of that here.

And so thank you for reading and encouraging me to be present in this space.  Thank you for indulging me the narcissistic need to share silly stories about my family & my parenting foibles.  Thank you for allowing space to talk about faith.  This place has been life giving for me, even if it has only meant sending my thoughts out into the cyber space world.  So…Happy 2nd Years, These Stones!  Looking forward for the material that is yet to unfold here, the growth to come and the photos to be taken.

December Photo Project 2012

And for these two….the inspiration for much of my thoughts (things I can and CAN’T write about here!!)…I am so very thankful.

{Thankful for my hubby too, but he shys away from letting me post too many pics & stories here!}


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