dpp 2012 :: december 10th :: there’s room for everyone on the nice list

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I love Trader Joes.

And not just “Trader Joes” in general….

but MY Trader Joes.

{see how attached I am to it….it’s like part of the family}

I remember going into this Trader Joes for the first time.  I was 9 months pregnant.  Matt and I were in Sunnyvale for his interview weekend.  And I needed ICE CREAM.

I remember thinking this was such a scrawny and scrappy Trader Joes.  I judged it.

And now it is my second home.  I know most of the regular workers by name.  They ask about my kids if I come in alone.  Or if I have brought the boys along, they allow them to help ring up the items.  They give them hints as to where the hidden stuffed parrot is (if you find it, you get a lollipop).  Once they gave Alex a huge bouquet of Easter balloons they were disposing of.  One man in particular has a child at the school I taught at last year.  I dearly love him.  He mocks me everytime I’m there, saying I’m stalking him.  But Moses is a gift.  His sweet spirit is the type you’d WANT to stalk.  Today there was an elderly couple in the store.  They walk over 2 miles, each way, EVERY DAY, to come to Trader Joes.  For the exercise and the samples, they say, but I think it’s the company and the camaraderie.  Last week, Drew and I had a cart full of groceries.  The woman ringing us up let Drew slowly take out each item, made him name what it was, & patiently corrected and praised him. She and the gentleman who bagged our groceries {who had just days before been sharing about his battle with gout…ha ha} gushed about how wonderful Drew was.  Their words came on a tough day.  They were truly “emotional” medicine.

And as I watched Elf the other night {which is quickly becoming one of my holiday favorites}, Buddy’s side comment stuck in my mind—-

There’s room for everyone on the nice list.

That’s how I feel at Trader Joes.  Even when my day is rough.  Even when my kids are fussy.  Even when youngest is pulling items off shelves or out of the cart.  No matter what, I ALWAYS feel like there is “room for me” at Trader Joes.  And even more touching, room for my boys too.

And….Rainbow Pears.

December Photo Project 2012

One thought on “dpp 2012 :: december 10th :: there’s room for everyone on the nice list

  1. But thier moving!! I can’t believe they are moving into the old Borders. Parking is going to be a nightmare! I wish they would stay right where they are!

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