dpp 2012 :: december 13th :: light & snowman poop


It all communes together….

Star Wars LEGO guys

Snowman Poop

Homemade chocolate croissants (Pillsbury crescents & chocolate chips….easy peesy!)

and light, light, light.

I planned for December 13th on our Advent Calendar, the yearly consuming of Snowman Poop {idea described here}.  Classy.

Late last night, I got an email from my friend Gail.  She recently posted on the blog about Advent traditions.  She shared that December 13th is also St. Lucia Day, a day to remember St. Lucia whose mission it was to bring LIGHT to a dark world.  It is a chance to welcome in the light of the morning on one of the darkest and shortest days of the year.  Traditionally, a girl is chosen each year to wear a crown with lit candles as well.  Decided against that part with the boys this morning.

We had some leftover crescent rolls in the fridge and as I went to pop them in the oven, Alex said we should add chocolate chips.  He is a WISE boy, that Alex.  And no doubt, it comes from watching a lot of Food Network shows with me!  I put out all the candles I could find, put the “snowman poop” next to the chocolate croissants and called it good.  Alex added Star Wars LEGO guys for good measure.  He clarified that they were Jesus and the disciples coming to bring light to everyone.  Nice save or sacrilege?

And then we went to do our Advent reading for today {after catching up on five stories yesterday…we were finally on track!} and it was a beautiful passage from Isaiah.

“The people who walked in darkness
   have seen a great light;
those who lived in a land of deep darkness—
   on them light has shined.

For a child has been born for us,
   a son given to us;
authority rests upon his shoulders;
   and he is named
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
   Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

~Isaiah 9: 2, 6-7

Those who lived in deep darkness…on them light has shined.

Hoping you are feeling a glimmer of that light today—

whether in comes in the silly moments of LEGOS, Star Wars & Snowman Poop….

or a deeper sense of this LIGHT that shines.

So thankful, today, that we are held by a Prince of Peace.

{If you are needing some light….check out Drew’s hair below.  need I say more?!?}


December Photo Project 2012

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