dpp 2012 :: december 20th :: service with a smile


We tend to get very close with our UPS drivers since they are the unsung heroes that deliver Diapers.Com package after package to us.  Our neighborhood driver, John, is no exception.  We moved here when Drew was 2 weeks old and so he has had two years of bringing box after box of diapers and wipes.  A few weeks ago Alex and I were waiting for a package to arrive.  Inside of the package was the last part to his friend’s present and we were late for the party.  Right as we turned out of our neighborhood, I saw John turn down the main road.  We flipped a U-turn, hit the gas and followed him.  Poor guy, I pulled up next to him at his first stop and sheepishly asked if he could fish out our package.  He laughed, found it with a smile, and then didn’t make me sign for it because “You are family,” he said.

Can you see why I love him??

So tonight we were having a gingerbread cookie baking frenzy and we knew John would be stopping with diapers….and food for our dog.  That meant an especially heavy load.  Alex got cookies ready for John and his assistant.  Alex ended up dropping one of the cookies in the gutter and handed John the head only.  It’s the thought that counts??  Luckily, we had back-ups inside.  Before he left,  I quickly snapped this shot of him with Alex.  So grateful for the impact of these folks.  Just doing their job.  But doing the simplest of tasks with a smile.


{Alex, circa 2009, age 2.5}



December Photo Project 2012

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