dpp 2012 :: december 22nd :: teepee


Ever since I saw a DIY tutorial for this teepee, I have been wanting to create something similar. But making something like it meant wood, saws, drilling, sewing and assembling. Each and every one of those things doesn’t feel….friendly. After a flippant email to Matt and his Dad, the project became a reality as Matt’s dad went and got the supplies and set to work. I was doomed. This teepee was WAY above my meager skill level. It is not in a completed state (fabric held up by industrial clamps) and every time I’m inside I ended up wheezing and getting a massively runny nose…..painter’s canvas allergy, anyone? But, it’s done “enough”.

Just want to say, AS WE ALL KNOW, blogs and DIYs, Pinterest and Facebook can all often be filled with visions of grandeur and illusions. This picture could paint one scene in your mind, a vision of calm, serenity and peaceful quiet. May I instead assure you, though, that our household was anything like that tonight. Christmas carolers arrived singing, “Silent Night” while eldest was in the midst of a major tantrum. I started laughing as they raised their voices, “All Is Calm, All is Bright”. The state of his emotions were pretty opposite from calm or bright.

Maybe our temporary teepee can be a little refuge of calm…more than likely, though, it will fall down at some point, be a holding tank for sibling rivalry and a barrier to “traffic flow” in the house. I am hoping that in the midst of these moments, we can find shelter. A place to practice the breathing in and out, praying, “God, let me love. God, give me peace. God, fill me with joy.” Daily, moment-by-moment chances to ask God to work within our hearts. I am so grateful that despite our innate tendency towards frustration, loneliness & self-preservation, that our loving God grants us love, peace, joy and thankfully, grace.

December Photo Project 2012

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