dpp 2012 :: december 26th :: lion king


Our Google Calendar has said, “KEEP TODAY CLEAR” for December 26th for awhile.  I knew “something” was happening, but amazingly, had no clue what until Christmas Day.  Matt set up a scavenger hunt using QR codes. Alex and I had to go on a hunt around the house, finding the codes, using the ipad to watch videos to help us find clues….eventually getting to a video clip from The Lion King after watching Tony Bennett’s “I Left My Heart in San Francisco.” The clues led to tickets for a matinee of the Lion King in San Francisco for Alex and me!  I was so excited—and shocked and surprised!—and so thankful for Matt’s creativity and the generosity of our WHOLE family to make this treat possible!!!  Alex and I took BART into the City together, watched the performance from Orchestra seats, up close and personal, and ooohed and ahhed throughout the show.  As I texted to Matt after the performance, Alex’s first comment at the end was, “Wasn’t that WONDERFUL, Mom?!?”  Thinking that means he loved it as much as me!

December Photo Project 2012

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