dpp 2012 :: december 28th :: history


There is nothing quite like history with friendships.

I am immensely grateful for holidays that bring people “home” and the chances that provides to see friends in person.  My dear friend Elena visited today.  She is a friend who has seen us in every possible stage of parenting and marriage.  In the midst of whatever loud and raucous event is unfolding with the boys, she doesn’t run away.  There is nothing quite like those that love your kids {even in their most difficult moments} and see the best in them.

After a full day with Elena, we had another dear friend from church kick us out to a movie and dinner.  She insists, time and time again, on babysitting our wild boys, for free—-the ultimate “pay it forward”.  Please, dear Lord, give me energy and remind me to do this for a new mom when my boys are older & off to high school and college.  It is a gift like none other.

We saw Les Mis today and the quote that always stands out to me in this story is Victor Hugo’s masterpiece of observation—

“To love another person is to see the face of God.” ― Victor Hugo

So grateful today for the many ways we see God in loving, and being loved by others.

December Photo Project 2012

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