dpp 2012 :: december 31st :: a roller coaster merry-go-round


Today we went to Happy Hollow for one last HURRAH with our season passes.

Each year I had my 4th graders do a New Year’s Reflection {here’s a PDF of it:  Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013 which I modified to do with Alex}.  One of the 4th graders’ tasks was coming up with a symbol to represent the year which was concluding and add in a second symbol to show their hopes for the year to come.

For me, I think these two pictures compiled above are perfect 2012 symbols.

Many moments felt like roller coaster twists and turns.  I was belted in, sitting next to a wonderful companion, the scenery whizzing by at warp speed.  My hands were up, screams were escaping & we’d screech in for a rest every so often.  Butterflies filled my stomach as I anticipated the unknown and I simultaneously felt proud for pushing my boundaries.

Other days felt like a merry-go-round.  Around and around and around, seeing the same scenery, completing similar tasks—over and over.  Music played.  The setting blurred as life turned and turned.  And yet, held still in front of me, were these boys smiling and high on everyday life. Memories were made at our kitchen table, in the back yard on the play structure.  On walks to school, over bedtime stories shared.  Many moments were tense, others surprisingly slow.  Many memories were forged in the mundane and some were special and “once-in-a-lifetime”.

I am so excited to sink into the couch tonight with my prepared and cracked crab {thank you Whole Foods—Matt scored 2 of the last 5 they had today!!!}, warmed sourdough bread from Boudin {one of the 365 loaves I “earned”!}, sipping champagne & watching a TiVo-ed movie, no doubt going to bed well before midnight.  I am looking forward to reflecting on 2012 ourselves {love doing this every year!  it is a fantastic resource and printable for free!!} and spending time relaxing.

And despite all those twists and turns….

spins and sudden stops….

challenges & unexpected joys and obstacles….

changes & lessons learned…

2012 will go down in the books for me

as a year of KOINONIA.

I hoped for that very thing a year ago {shared here} and indeed so much has revolved around that very desire:

Koinonia, Greek for union — communion, community, communicate and sharing.


Blessings to you as 2013 arrives.

Can’t wait to see what new adventures lie ahead.

(last installment in this year’s December Photo Project…PHEW!)

December Photo Project 2012

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