It’s All About Salami


Rarely do I spend precious time comparison shopping.  I SHOULD, mind you, compare, read weekly ads and plan my shopping accordingly.  With a 2 year old in tow on most shopping ventures, I have grown accustomed to convenience.  I may like the produce at Sprouts or the Farmer’s Market better, but…’s 4 more days until the market and getting youngest in and out of the car seat more than 2 times often negates the savings, in my opinion.  Today, we squeezed in four stops, which is way over the “usual” limit.  And to top things off, I noticed, upon getting out of the car at home that Drew’s shoes were on the wrong feet.  Sadly, I couldn’t blame it on the fact that he put them on incorrectly.  It was totally my fault….rushing.

Anyhow, we first stopped at the most amazing bookstore in “downtown” Sunnyvale, Bookasaurus.  Leigh, who owns the bookstore next door, aptly named “Leigh’s Favorite Books”, has become someone I respect and admire greatly.  She painstakingly takes in used books and adds new selections to the mix as well offering an eclectic selection of specialty “gift” items.  This is all topped with personal, loving service.  Leigh is truly a gem.  Last year, she expanded into the space next door and opened a kid’s store.  Every so often, she will post on their Facebook page about a free giveaway.  You simply go into the store, your child says the secret code word, and you get a gift.   Today’s read:

Secret Code Giveaway!

We have a few of these Things That Go Lacing Cards to give away this week. These include 5 fun sturdy cards to lace, as well as 5 laces. A perfect activity to do this coming weekend.

Mention the secret code ‘Things That Go’ and do your best car sound impression to any of the staff at Bookasaurus through Saturday 02/09/2013 to get one, while supplies last.  
Hope to see you soon as Bookasaurus, where books and dinosaurs meet for tea and biscuits.
True to her word, we walked in, Drew turned into a shy recluse, but we still left with beautiful, shiny new Lacing Cards.  During a month of Spending Fast “rules”, it was especially special to score such a fun treat.  I quickly left, though, because as any of you know who have been to Bookasaurus, it is FILLED with amazing tempting, treasures!
We stopped by my old school where I taught last year to bring birthday treats to my former job share partner and then headed off to get the car washed and cleaned.  Later, I realized that the quest to enjoy the free popcorn and free lemonade and free horse ride and free car wash entertainment came at a $12.99 “Ladies Day Special” price tag.  Could have enjoyed lemonade I’d already made that was in our refrigerator  leftover popcorn from last night’s “Bachelor” watching fest and washed the car myself.  Oops.
Finally, on the way home, we swung into Trader Joes to get a few items.  While in Trader Joes, Drew scored free pizza, Jo Jos (Trader Joes’ version of Oreos) and coffee for mom….and STICKERS!
I broke my rule of “more than one grocery shopping trip/stop” per week, though…for the salami.   Matt and I are still working to stay off of meat for the most part, but the boys live and breathe salami.  I was out a week ago and was shopping at Target.  I swung by the deli section to pick some up and gasped at the $7.79 price tag.
 I couldn’t quite remember the Trader Joe’s price, but I KNEW it was less, and also was the same brand.  Tuesday we had done the big shopping trip at Sprouts when AGAIN, I stopped to get salami….gasped a second time as their price was $7.99.  I can handle 50cent to $1 differences but $4!!!!!!!!!!!  That’s a latte on the beach in Manzanita, Oregon at Bread and Ocean Bakery.  Where would I rather spend that $4???  I “should” say on the boys’ college funds, but you get the picture.
So, some days we take a step forward, other days, a step back.  Sometimes it happens on the same day, cancelling out the savings with an expenditure (hello, car wash mistake…..).  Living and learning, becoming more aware & admitting mistakes.  This afternoon, Alex watched a Wallace & Gromit library video while we (meaning ME) cleaned out the two toy drawers in our play room.  That dreaded task has been on my to do list since September and FINALLY it is tackled.  I threw out one bag of trash and stashed another two bags of toys in the car to go to the Goodwill.  Despite some frustration, and a time out, Alex seemed to grasp the need to actually look at the toys he quickly threw in the drawers each night.  We organized the mayhem and everything found homes leaving only about 1/5 of the toys in the drawers.  It will no doubt become a disaster zone again, but at least we have a starting point of organization for now.
After just finishing this post, I looked more closely at the salami pictures and realized that the bag from Trader Joes is 8 oz and the bag from Target is 12 oz.  Ah, ha ha ha ha…..the joke’s on me.  It is ALL in the details, huh?  49cents/oz vs. 66cents/oz is still a savings, but slightly less than my original thought!  Shall I venture a guess on cost at Costco??

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