Tea for Two


“Love is not affectionate feeling,

but a steady wish for the loved person’s ultimate good

as far as it can be obtained.” 

― C.S. Lewis


We are doing a lot of couch sitting and resting in these parts.

Choosing to focus on the necessities rather than the extras.

Maybe it is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day….

choosing to love in the midst of sickness.

Matt has been down with this cough/cold sinus infection and out of work for three days….a record for him, I think.

It hit me yesterday while in line at CVS for his antibiotics.  Sadly they wouldn’t double the prescription.

The boys seem to be unscathed for the time being, but luckily we have next week off of school and have kept our schedule fairly open.

Needless to say, today is Valentine’s Day!

Sent Alex off with his cards today—Star Wars, obviously.



These Valentine’s were similar to last year’s (check those out here), but we did two different Star Wars sentiments.

{Here is Alex’s from 2011, one of my favorites…I am telling you, photos are the way to go!}

Drew got in on the Star Wars action too…


Thanks to ideas from Pinterest and blogs I read, we found the idea and phrasing.

Snapfish was having a special—so 100 photographs were FREE.

Picked up the glow sticks at Aaron Brothers during their post Christmas sale….got 75 for $3.00.

So 100 Valentines for $3.00 and some elbow grease.

{and a lot of prematurely popped glow sticks!}


We had a little Valentine’s Day breakfast and the boys got these hilarious straws and lips from Target and Mr. Bubbles bubble bath.  Thank you Target $1 section, PRIOR to our spending fast!




Matt will get a Susannah Prinz specialty as always….gotta support our dear friend artist extraordinaire!

And the remainder of the day will be spent resting and sipping homemade chicken noodle soup, thanks to a dear friend who dropped some off.  HEAVEN in a Tupperware!


May you truly experience, as C.S. Lewis shared,

moments and relationships in which to work for another’s good.

Over and over.

Day in and Day Out.

Not loving focused solely on affection.

Love focused on deep down, truly fighting for the other’s best.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

4 thoughts on “Tea for Two

  1. Clint Black – “Something that we do” Great song about love, you don’t fall in love, not something we find, not something we have, etc. It’s something that we do. Sorry if you don’t like country, but I love the lyrics – Marsha

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