View from the Sick Bed


We have been hunkered down around these parts for awhile.  The children have been fending for themselves for the most part and surprisingly, have done quite well.


 (rearranging and “reading”, water play and book authoring and illustrating—-aka…redecorating the dining room table with Sharpies).

We have kept up with dishes and laundry and feeding and bathing.  It’s the small miracles, folks.


During “naps” and “resting”, Drew has assisted with necessities for Mommy….Kauai puzzles, cough drops, Airborne, earplugs and glue sticks—–all the while using the Tempur-Pedic controls to move the bed up and down….and up and down….and up and down.


Sally has been on snuggle overdrive from Drew.


And basics have been pilfered and used up.  Kleenex one day.  Sinus meds the next.  Thermometer batteries worn out from overuse.  Trashy magazines enjoyed.

Friends dropping off bags of food for dinner.

Plans cancelled.

Flip flops donned for quick pharmacy trips.

Videos started.

Snoozes caught when possible.

LEGOS taking over all corners of the living room.


Not gonna lie….it’s getting a little crazy in these parts.


But these two are showing humor and resiliency in spite of their parents’ states of illness.


And figuring that we will eventually come out of the other side of this…SOMETIME soon!!??

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