It’s Worth the Postage


Even though my youngest, Drew, at 2 ½, is still in the “parallel play” stage he is beginning to be very attached to friends. In the mornings, he will sit in his crib asking, “See Noah?  See Connor?  See Logan?  See Evan?”  Even after just departing from a playdate, Drew will bombard us with these questions.  These friends dominate his thoughts, words and questions from morning until night.

Recently, one of his buddies was visiting grandparents for almost 3 weeks.  Drew continued to ask for him day after day and called his name as we drove by his street.  He clearly missed regular sand box meet ups, walks around the neighborhood & building train tracks together.  When a postcard arrived from this friend, Drew was smitten & a little speechless.  He studied the writing, memorized the details of the picture on the front.  “Captivated” would be an understatement.


Writing and sending letters may be archaic these days and potentially a thing of the past.  However, I see something in this practice that still moves me…..


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One thought on “It’s Worth the Postage

  1. Ahhh Drew.. the recipient of Noah’s first postcard. We’ll need to make it a tradition on future trips!

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