All I Need to Know, I Learned in Kindergarten….


A week from today, my son finishes his first year of school.  Kindergarten will be complete.  Many times the days seem long, but the years truly short.  When given a chance to sit back and reflect on the year that just was, it can be a shock how many emotions, events and memories were packed within. School is wrapping up for the year.

It is a time of closure.  Tattered supplies are sent home.  Yearbooks signed.  Graduations attended.  Teacher gifts purchased.  Field days and field trips enjoyed.  Last lessons learned or endured.  Report cards loom. A chance to wrap up an experience, a year, a season and move into the next phase:  Summer swim lessons?  Camp?  Football practices?  Vacations?  Visits to Grandparents?  As a teacher for many years, I loved the closure the profession allowed.  I could pour my heart and soul into students each year, and yet come mid-June, we finished work, shared about the times that were and locked the classroom door, and took a breather until fall.

This past week, my eldest and I both embarked on similar journeys—tasks to be completed that forced us both to slow down, reflect, remember and mark something special.  For class, he was asked to create a display which showed in pictures and words the many things he learned, remembered and experienced.  As we sat down and looked at each area—-reading, math, writing, science, friendships, field trips, routines and rituals of the classroom—he rattled off memory after memory.  He had so many.    {I’m blogging once a month at Practicing Families.  Please check out the rest of the post there!}



I’m blogging once a month at Practicing Families.  Please check out the rest of the post there!

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