Berry Goodness


We enjoyed a wonderful day out on the coast picking ollalieberries and boysenberries yesterday at Gizdich Ranch in Watsonville.  Our new house in Oregon has a blackberry bush blockade in the front {conveniently keeps the youngins out of the road!}, so we will get to do more berry picking next month.  Despite all of that, I have been wanting to check out Gizdich Ranch and jumped on the chance to go with the whole family yesterday.  My friend over the internet (and Matt’s friend from college and camp), Tracey Morris, raves about Gizdich (and here’s her photo proof of its amazingness….click here).  And Tracey knows here stuff.  It was amazing!!! Even better, my dear friend Sarah, her munchkins and mom joined us too.  Love last minute meet-ups!  And really….an adventure that includes pie ala mode?  CAN’T.  GO.  WRONG.

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With over 10 pounds of berries filling our fridge and freezer, I didn’t waste a moment and made Smitten Kitchen’s Strawberry Summer Cake, except I substituted ollalieberries.


****It made the perfect dessert treat last night and then warm up coffee cake for breakfast.****


Today, I worked on rinsing and freezing all of the berries, but couldn’t resist turning the boysenberries into a crisp.  My favorite topping recipe is a tie between Shauna Niequist’s Blueberry Crisp and the recipe my friend Susannah posted to go with her Dreary Day Apple Crisp.  Went with Susannah’s today….more butter and sugar.  A win-win.

Ready for putting together and enjoying later tonight!


Any berry “MUST MAKE” recipes for us?  Figure there is no time like the present to make and bake treats….all in the noble name of cleaning out the fridge, freezer and pantry!

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