Embarrassment of Riches


{this amazing photo is credited to my dear friend Pam….

she captured it while running the Golden Gate Bridge last Saturday on our quick blitz trip up to the City}


This space has been much more silent in the last few months than my brain or thoughts would like.  I itch to spend time writing, reflecting and recording this season, but it is on the back burner for now.  We are in the thick of moving week.  Our days have been filled with…

  • Last Walks
  • Last Coffee Dates
  • Last Adventures to Favorite Bay Area Places
  • Receptions
  • Parties to Say Goodbye
  • Last Playdates
  • But sadly, NOT the LAST of the boxes are packed

As one would expect, we have had hiccups—-fridge breaking down.  The movers calling to say they can’t move us as planned (or PROMISED…grrr).  There are some goodbyes that were way too rushed or never got to happen.  And other farewells that keep randomly happening again and again because it’s just to hard to have it be real and final.

Through it all, this time of goodbye and closure has truly been a showering of love and community I have never before experienced.  It feels embarrassing to be the recipient of so much love, grace, time, effort and affirmation.  I just want to scoop it up and shower it on other folks who need it too.  Deep down I know there are other people who are transitioning and moving everyday around me, no doubt longing for this same gift of celebratory closure.

I have notes to write.  Thanks to say.  Gratitude to offer to so so so so many of you.  I owe notes, phone calls and appreciation and yet….there are boxes still to pack.  There is calm and “normalcy” to attempt to hold onto for the kids’ sake.  So we transition the best we can.  We are as present emotionally and mentally as possible.  And pray for that same grace when we flub it up.

Whenever I look into the eyes of people as we say last goodbyes, I find my throat closing up, my lip quivering and my mascara running.  I have the words and thoughts in my head that I WANT to say, but just can’t eek them out.  It is an overwhelming gratitude flood.

So, as we wrap up here in Sunnyvale, know that we are embarrassed by the overwhelming love and support we have felt from so many of you.  As we travel a bit further in this move, we also leave communities that have been dear to us in the past—–the East Bay, Berkeley, friends from teaching in Albany, summer staffers and friends from our time at Westminster Woods and a large chunk of our extended family.  It is not easy to rip off that band-aid, but thank you for helping us do so as lovingly as you have and we are so thankful and full from your love.

One thought on “Embarrassment of Riches

  1. You get back what you give. Enjoy the love being showered on you. I’m sure you’re going to take it with you and give it out again. It’ll all come together…it always does. Keep breathing… you’re almost there. xoxo

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