Made It to the Finish Line While Waiting in the Starting Blocks….


Today is that weird ending and beginning kind of day.  We have had countdowns.  Summer Bucket Lists of activities.  Moving trucks.  Moving boxes.  Beach days.  Mom pulling her hair out days.  Coffee to survive days.  And here we are—-almost three months after finishing up Kindergarten, we walked into a new school, with a new teacher and classroom and twenty-three other kids to get to know.

I trust that God will surprise us.  God will do amazing things.  There will be speed bumps.  Struggles.  Growing pains.  Days of monotony.  Days to remember.  But today marks the closure and the beginning all in one.

IMG_5463.JPG (2)

Yesterday, we got to go to an Open House and meet his teacher, Mrs. Stone, and do a little classroom scavenger hunt.  It was the perfect way to take the edge off the transition, allowing us (and Alex!) to know the procedures for the day, where his classroom would be and to meet some of his classmates.

I mentioned on Facebook this morning, “As feared/predicted, the best pic this morning was the one with the umbrellas that Alex insisted on. It’s 60 degrees and a beautiful morning, yet he decided the umbrellas would make a better picture. Oh that boy. Despite almost three months out of school and counting down the days til today, I still got teary eyed watching him go into class. I don’t get how he is so confident and fearless entering a new school, knowing no one. God gave that boy a heart of steel for new adventures and for that I am so grateful.


Some more pics from the morning—





And yes….the R2D2 lunchbox that lights up and makes R2 noises.  Poor Mrs. Stone….



I read this verse this morning on the blogpost from one of the Editors at Practicing Families {where I’m a monthly contributor}.  Jill’s whole post is amazing and resonated so deeply with me as she is in the process of a big move.  Please take a moment to read her reflections here about Genesis Moments.

But the truth of her thoughts and my emotions today is found in this verse—-

God, make a fresh start in me; shape a Genesis week [day, moment] out of the chaos of my life.”

Psalms 51:10, The Message

I am holding onto this truth this morning.

May the new school year beginning be a new start for each of us too.

May we trust and believe that God has good things in store—-

even when everything around us spells chaos.

May we, like Alex did this morning, walk into the new day with confidence, trusting God is shaping a new thing.


lovely pic of the September page of my Lisa Leonard calendar…

love this!

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