It Is Not as Unknown to Us


I have not written in this space for weeks.  Every open moment is spent writing curriculum for summer camp.  And each of those words and thoughts is somehow tied to the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit has scared me for some time.  Surprisingly as I have sat with the stories, narratives and scripture we are using for THE SUMMER OF 2015 (the publishing world is a whole new animal for me!) I have found much peace, even in the fear and struggle.  Maybe Presbyterians like me are scared of the Holy Spirit because we perceive it means we can’t keep God in a perfect, neat and tidy box?!? The Spirit moves and can’t be contained and often times can seem “supernatural” or “WAY LEFT” of center.

I am discovering community to be a foundational aspect of this whole mystery.  God, in the Holy Spirit, calls us to unity.  God calls us to others.  To live out, to follow, to imitate Christ’s example.  And despite the impossibility of that task, we are not to do this alone, in a vacuum.  Instead, we are called to encourage one another as we walk into each day, every moment.

I came across a passage from the book To Dance with God by Gertrud Mueller Nelson tonight and had to pause and read it three times.  Gertrud knows her stuff and also understands our human nature.  Her words were GOOD for me tonight.  I hope they will be for you too. {and for those who prefer my posts on parenting insanity, cooking adventures or organizing woes—-well, we’ll be back to those sagas come mid to late November.  For now, it’s wrestling with seven days of curriculum, praying for wisdom, creativity and peace as I think about the 4th-6th graders who will work with it in two years.}

The Spirit, elusive and “blowing where it will,” is not as unknown to us as we sometims think.  That we cannot confine and define its nature does not mean we do not know it.  Curiously, we know and recognize the Spirit manifest in the light and liveliness, the creativity or energy, the wisdom or the reverence in the life of the other.  For it is through others that the Spirit ministers to us.  And it is we who can draw out the Spirit in the other.  We know it less well in ourselves and squirm self-consciously when others mention our own creative Spirit.  But the Spirit dwells in our hearts so that it can minister beyond itself, so it can “matter” in the life of another.”     

~Gertrud Mueller Nelson from

To Dance with God


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