To Tie or Not to Tie?


Alex has had an obsession with ties for awhile.  Lately, however, it has hit a fever pitch and besides “Casual Friday”, when everyone wears their Wilson Wildcats’ shirts, he dresses in a button up shirt with a corresponding tie.  We’re talking clip-on ties, but slicking the hair over and wearing ties has become the norm of his 1st grade dressing experience.

My dear friend Pete, a teacher in Portland, had a similar approach, but made bow ties the newest trend, even holding lessons on technique.  The phenomenon made the Oregonian (article here and awesome video here).

So my fickle, silly question of the day….to Tie or Not to Tie?!?  Do you think “dressing the part” makes you more successful or on task during your day?  For example, as a stay at home mom, am I more productive and focused on the days I put on attire a step above jeans and a t-shirt or yoga pants and flip flops?  Do you think clothes make the person?  And most importantly, will ties become the “new, must wear item” among 1st graders this year?  Clip on or zip up (or heaven forbid, a REAL, tie it yourself tie??!?)?  And where to shop for the latest tie goodness?

Weigh in, friends.  Weigh in.  












3 thoughts on “To Tie or Not to Tie?

  1. yes i totally think when i dress better i am more together. but….especially under my current (ahem) expansion program in which i haven’t worked out in 2 months, i feel fat in those clothes (just keeping it real) so yoga pants and leggings for the win! much ti my husband’s dismay

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