dpp 2013 :: december 1st :: the rocker & the accountant


Despite planning and preparing & eyeing the calendar, December crept up so quickly.  Maybe celebrating Thanksgiving on the later side of the month this year threw me off?  Needless to say, here we are.  Our boys, on the other hand, woke up the day they were born, ready for Christmas.  They got the tree up and decorated, tornado-style on Thanksgiving evening and were so excited for Advent to start today.  When my oldest opened up the tub with the Christmas ties on top, he almost had a coronary—two more ties to add to the mix!  (click here for more on his tie obsession)  Luckily, he willingly shared one with his brother this morning so they could be properly attired for church, in his opinion.  Today we got to light the first Advent candle, the light of Hope, as a family during the service.

Watching the boys come into their “own”, to see their personalities emerge, is such a surreal experience.  We see glimpses of who they are becoming and where their natural inclinations and loves lie, but we can’t know their paths for sure.  A friend commented that one looked like the “Rocker Boy” and the other, the “Accountant” in this picture.  Despite similar shirts, ties and even genes (AND jeans!), they indeed, still are individuals.  I saw it in this picture today.  Each is their own person.  I can have hopes and dreams for them, but like Alex read in our Advent “script” at church, “Hope is more than wishful thinking.”  We cling to a bigger Hope.  A Hope that can be lived into now, not just in the future.

So, as this new month begins and we walk into a period of waiting, the liminality of Advent, I wonder what God might be having us learn in the “in between time”.  This has been a year of much change in our lives (I wrote a bit about this here in a post similarly titled “Hope—On the Threshold“).  I trust that these two boys of ours will continue to surprise us, to live into their truest selves and identity & teach us much along the way.  As we continue to pray for their best, for them to learn what makes them “light up” and feel purpose and meaning, I wish even more for them to experience the sense of Hope in the here and now.  God with us.  Emmanuel.


(this is the first post for the December Photo Project 2013…

click on the picture below to find out more about the project and to participate if you want!)


2 thoughts on “dpp 2013 :: december 1st :: the rocker & the accountant

  1. This: “A Hope that can be lived into now, not just in the future.” The now and not yet-ness of alife lived by faith is so precious. Blessings to your sweet family on your Advent season.

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