dpp 2013 :: december 2nd :: don’t cry over spilled…egg


Life with a three year old means needing to have eyes in the back of your head.  There are countless opportunities for “fun surprises” to strike and this morning was no different.  While trying to get breakfast ready and lunches packed (empty fridge meant a “nutritious” & “balanced” lunch of rice cakes, almonds, an apple, cheddar bunnies & leftover popcorn…classy) I went out to the garage to help my oldest find his pants in the dryer.  No sooner did I come back and this lovely egg was on the ground and I looked up to see Drew, my three year old, with another egg in his hand.  He looked like a deer in the headlights.  I don’t think he meant to have this happen, but happen it did.  Physics lesson?

The best part is when we later had eggs for breakfast, he was crying that there wasn’t enough eggs for seconds.  Oh, the life of a three year old.  Always curious & adventurous.  Wanting to rule the world while often lacking language and finesse to do so.

He did get a timeout over the egg, but miraculously, Mama didn’t cry over the spill.  Trying to roll with it, even on a busy Monday.  I know in the future, I’ll look back at this picture and wonder why I included it in the December Photo Project.  It just SCREAMS “Holidays!”, doesn’t it?!?  But, it truly represents life these days.  A bit nutty, messy and unpredictable, topped with lots of time outs & finding one’s place in the world…and lots of cute good surprises too.

What are your best tips for surviving the 2’s and 3’s?


2 thoughts on “dpp 2013 :: december 2nd :: don’t cry over spilled…egg

  1. Ha! I have a picture from when mine were little of a galloon of milk that had just spilled all over the floor. Even the messes need to be documented because frankly, life is messy sometimes 🙂

  2. Tips for surviving the 2s and 3s? An experienced mom who attended a Bible study with me and several other young moms (this was many years ago of course 😉 used to tell us when we shared our parenting frustrations that, “This too shall pass”. Seems overly simple but she spoke from wisdom and experience. Of course, some magic when you’re in the trenches would be nice too!

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