dpp 2013 :: december 4th :: morning mourning ritual


Today feels surreal and so I find myself looking for a little normalacy, something that is routine. Found out last night that a childhood friend passed away rather suddenly from pregnancy complications. She and her husband (also a former classmate & friend) were stationed in Okinawa, Japan but were moved to Honolulu for her to have an emergency C-Section. Sadly, their baby boy, Cooper, was very premature and only lived for a few days. Cooper was a true blessing. My friend was still getting medical help for herself, while mourning the loss of her baby {with five other children as well}. She seemed to be getting better and stronger, but an unexpected aneurysm took her life. Now this dear family, while still mourning the loss of their baby boy and brother, are now grappling with the weight of a lost mother and wife.

There are no words in these times. Nothing one can say or pray feels enough. Death is not easy or something we can “encapsulate” or come to terms with, I know. But this dear soul, Alexandra, has the same root as our son’s name, “Defender of Man”. Alex was a true light. She shone from the inside out, lighting up a room with her humor and care, always seeing those who needed to be picked up and loved a little bit extra. Alex was a nurse, an incredible wife, a loving mom and a faithful friend.

So today, I’m doing my daily Suduko. Reading Richard Rohr’s words for Advent.  Drinking my cold, re-warmed coffee.  Trying to find some “normal” on a morning when normal seems a bit out of reach.



3 thoughts on “dpp 2013 :: december 4th :: morning mourning ritual

  1. heavy heart for your friend. today i found out my friend who has been battling cancer for 5 years is not doing well. it looks really bad. i am heartbroken. our world is so broken and in need of wholeness. lord hear our prayers

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