dpp 2013 :: december 8th :: cabin fever


Another snowy, icy day…

Church cancelled and school cancelled for tomorrow!

Drew is still working on appropriate attire, as you can see.

We are in the mid teens and staying at home, getting creative with meals and activities :).

Getting ready to rearrange the daily Advent Calendar for tomorrow….

now’s the time for time-consuming, inside activities!!!








unnamed (4)

Just started a new book and it’s reeled me in already. Decided to take a pic of each book I read in 2013. Can’t wait to go back and see how many I managed to enjoy this year. Any must reads from your list this past year?

unnamed (1)

Messy creativity….

unnamed (2)

Snowed in Fridge remnants….round of brie cheese, cranberry covered goat cheese log, sliced cheese platter, spicy salami, beer, wine, 7-11 eggs & milk, vat of spinach/artichoke dip and about 30 mandarins. Crockpot going with Hawaiian meatballs for dinner. Can you tell we were supposed to host a Holiday party today? (Not shown 72 mini quiches in the freezer!)

unnamed (3)

Seriously?!?! So blessed. Gotta love sneaky, sweet friends who brave the elements to deliver coffee beans. Amaaaazing!!!!!!!


One thought on “dpp 2013 :: december 8th :: cabin fever

  1. Memorable reads from 2013 – Wild; Cutting for Stone; Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks; anything by Alexander McCall Smith, especially the Isabel Dalhousie series. Brea Brown’s Secret Keeper series is good for some laughs and is about a young minister’s wife who is anything but typical or reverent. Unfortunately only available through Amazon on Kindle.

    Looks like you’re holding up well with all the snow – the meatballs and mini quiches should see you through!

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