dpp 2013 :: december 10th :: backwards J*O*Y


Snow stays.

Cold temperatures hold.

School continues to be cancelled.

But we are settling into the stay-at-home, snow days….


This sign in our window caught my eye this morning.


Backwards to us inside.

Easier to see and read from the outside.

Always a metaphor to be found, but in this image, I see so much.

My calendar had no clue what was going to hit it this week.

Things were going to be crossed off.


Changed around.

It seems backward and unexpected.

But in the unanticipated, space is made.

Room is found.


This whole SEASON is about that very thing.

Joy found in the unexpected places.

Plans were upturned.

Room was found….

but in a dirty barn.


I am ready to scrap all of the “Advent” activities

and the attempts to do our daily stories for the Jesse tree.

Because sometimes kids seem ungrateful.

Or demanding.

Or LOUD, full of interruptions.

Wouldn’t it be better to suspend ALL pre-Christmas hooplah?

Keep it simple by doing….NOTHING?!??!

Through it all they DO surprise me, though.

Drew just moved a stool, got up on the desk next to me, climbed up to the bookshelf and pulled down his Read Aloud Story Bible.

He flipped through until he found the story about Jesus being born and is “reading” it, only clad in a diaper.


But, yes.

The unexpected can and does happen when life feels backward.


I have been writing in this space for three years as of today.

It is a backwards, mixed-up, unexpected place of its own.

When I started, Drew was two months old.


Now, he’s THREE and a little spit fire.


I can always measure the time of this space by his growth.

This past year has been filled with so much change.

Lots of experiments.

New ventures.

Through it all, I have been trying to write through and live out my love for God in the daily, nitty gritty of life.

This space has been, and continues to be, a huge gift in my life.

Thanks for reading along, sharing your thoughts, questions & love.

(I LOOOOOOVE COMMENTS!  Are ya out there, people??  Anyone?  Anyone?)

Happy 3rd Birthday, These Stones.



7 thoughts on “dpp 2013 :: december 10th :: backwards J*O*Y

  1. Waving to you over the snow covered streets of Corvallis! Thanks for your ever thoughtful comments and generous sharing of your life and family. Only a few more hours til we’re “above freezing”!

  2. Happy blog birthday to you! I do read and I love your writing!

    My kids (who I work very hard not to over schedule) will tell you that the very best kind of day is a pajama day where we don’t have to go anywhere or do anything special. They will play on their own for long periods of time (usually) until they get hungry and start squabbling. Doing nothing can be so rewarding and is precious time. We do lots of cool things but, at least at this point in time, I’d be willing to bet that some of their moat cherished childhood memories will be of their pajama days.

    May you create many treasured memories during this Advent & Christmas season!

  3. Yes, we are out here and loving your posts! I love how you are able to take a simple observation—J O Y – seen as Y O J—from the inside, and create a thoughtful and meaningful message from it. And isn’t that the truth, that sometimes we have to go outside ourselves, and then look back inward to discover the true meaning, the truths.

    Love you, favorite daughter in law.


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