dpp 2013 :: december 11th :: snow snow snow snow


Another snow day is upon us.

Not a snow day as in, “It’s SNOWING!”.

Rather, cold temperatures.

No precipitation.

No melting.

Icy, slick roads, etc.

Since the snow has long since lost its luster, we are spending most of our days inside.

Made snowflakes today.

With glitter.

Glitter is NEVER a good idea for the under 10 set.

Remember for 2014, Christine….


Drew was naked during the glitter, snowflake fest as he is potty training.

You can only imagine what that looked like.

Even our dog, Sally, is all aglow.

Our happy, solar-powered snowman is dancing big time as we see the sun for a few minutes.

I opened the window for him (and me!) to get some fresh air.

As I wrote on Instagram, he reminds me of Buddy the Elf when he hears Santa is coming…

I feel like he’s exclaiming, “MY PEOPLE!!! SNOW!!!!!!!”

The views of the 3 Sisters are phenomenal around 4:30pm every afternoon.

The sun hits the snowy Cascades and they are all pink and aglow.

You can risk your life, stand in the middle of our snowy street and catch a glimpse.

We will be decorating Christmas cookies later today, continuing on LEGO fest 2013 & maybe adding in another Christmas show/movie.

I had to re-do our advent calendar today as I have been doing a ton of the activities over the last six days—-

pretty magical despite it all!


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