dpp 2013 :: december 14th :: Santa Induced Asthma

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Today we had the chance to visit Christmas Storybook Land with friends today.  Christmas Storybook Land is **FREE** and “provides a simulated walk through a Christmas lighted forest where you can view over 85 scaled down scenes of Mother Goose rhyme characters, fairy tale characters, and family movie characters, some of which are animated. In addition there are two huge train displays, and a Victorian Village and Main Street. At the end of your walk, you reach the North Pole and can visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus!”

It was unbelievable.  From Scooby Doo to The Three Little Pigs to Finding Nemo to Jack and the Beanstalk.  Display after display.  Moments after arriving (at the fairgrounds in the livestock building), my breathing went into some sad & scary asthma land.  I finally had to leave the boys with Matt to wait to visit Santa and sat outside to try and get some normal breathing back.  I tried to channel the many moments I got to calm campers and summer staff down while serving as Program Manager at Westminster Woods.  Somehow when it’s YOU that can’t breathe, it seems a little odder.  Managed to sneak back in to see the kids sit on Santa’s lap.  No crying (booo….I love crying Santa moments), but super fun.  And as my friend Kristin said, “No rodeos for Christine.”  Guessing I don’t mix too well with horses or farm animals!  Drinking my Throat Tamer tea in hopes my lungs and breathing will recover.  Still feeling the effects four hours later.  Who knew??

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And the runner up photo, above…got the paycheck for my curriculum writing job today. Hours and hours and hours of work that really pushed me in ways I never expected. If I calculated my hourly wage….it would be pretty sad. But, still a milestone to get my first paycheck from a publishing company. Matt and I squeezed in a movie while the boys were at Christmas Camp at church. Philomena is beautiful, thought-provoking & true.  {GO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!} It was an immense gift from incredible women from our church to watch our kids and provide fun activities for an afternoon.  Feels like a major luxury to get out after being homebound for so long.  Taking it all as a gift, minus the asthma.

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