Dpp 2013 :: December 15th


After a busy and full weekend, tonight’s advent activity of lighting our wreath and eating a candlelight dinner was perfect & low key. Our meals, mind you, are never perfect, but sitting down together every night is a priority. After dinner I needed a little incentive for youngest to move to bath time. So….we transferred a few candles to the bathroom and instant excitement & motivation was born. Reverend Hubster is at the church choir Christmas party and so on nights when I need to get them to bed on my own, I appreciate the simple, fun incentives too.

On the note of “simple pleasures”….my friend and I have set ourselves a BIG goal and are brainstorming things we can reward ourselves with along the way. Any suggestions? What do you do to recharge and reward yourself without breaking the bank? Grocery shopping alone without children?!? (Or is that just me???). A cup of tea in the evening? Pedicure? A guilty pleasure, frivolous magazine? Would love your ideas!

2 thoughts on “Dpp 2013 :: December 15th

  1. For me? Indulging in some yummy yarn and a pattern for a project just for ME. Not to give away as a gift, or donate, but just for me!

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