dpp 2013 :: december 16th :: be brave


I am having a case of the Mondays.

Been awake from 2:30am on due to kids’ nightmares and my own inability to go back to sleep.

Dropped a raw egg on the kitchen floor.

Eldest was having wardrobe malfunctions.

Stepped in dog poo that was ill-placed due to the snow storm.

Rushing to get the last of my writing contract finished up—-TODAY.

And then the phone rang….

while the mailman simultaneously arrived with a delivery.

The mailman NEVER arrives at 9am.

In fact on Saturday, he came close to 6pm.

He left a package with some beautiful prints I ordered from my friend, Susannah.

I am challenged and moved by her writing & watch her be an inspiration as a mom to two beauties, one born deaf.

She’s also a pastor’s wife—-and fills the shoes with grace, overflowing more of her very self.  Susannah is a public school advocate & a creative genius.

Not to mention?  She is an incredible artist.

I love her work and always comb the Target card aisles for her Papyrus pieces.

She is currently selling some of her work via Zazzle.  Click here to take a peek!

{Best yet?  Everything is 60% off with the code:  itswonderful}

So, back to the story.

The postman arrives with my Susannah treasures as the phone rings.

And it’s a call for a job interview.

Might go nowhere.

Might go somewhere.

Might be the right fit.

Might not.

But, no matter what, I need to let go of fear and be brave.

Opening up my envelope and finding “BE BRAVE” in a 11 x 14 masterpiece felt like a personal message from God.

Lighting a candle today to remember the ever-present Light—-

the source of true bravery.

{that is, IF I can find any matches, which so far has proven impossible…ha!}


5 thoughts on “dpp 2013 :: december 16th :: be brave

  1. Wow. Such kind words- thank you friend!! I could use them today! And hoping that your interview works out for the best! I am often in awe of all that you juggle!!!

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