Dpp 2013 :: December 19th :: Tie Goodness & New Adventures Ahead


Gotta love when your child’s teacher knows his tie loving ways enough to mark his paper with something special.

{full disclosure, this picture was taken yesterday….I’m a December Photo Project cheater!}


And in other teaching news….

Life is about to change again for the Goughs.

Through a seemingly “random” turn of quick events, I will be re-entering the classroom in a month as a 50% teacher in a 2nd grade classroom.

I officially sign the paperwork tomorrow and get to meet the students, but the roller coaster ride has taken off.

After waiting for four months, my credential was finally issued for the State of Oregon last Tuesday night (during the snow storm central), finally becoming “officially” available on the 12th.  I happened to look at the district website on that Thursday and a job was posted that hadn’t been on the weekly job-posting update for this position.  Applications were due Friday, so I turned everything in during my brief no-kid stint that morning since school was finally back in session!

Monday I got a call for an interview {shared about the craziness of that here}.

Yesterday I interviewed at 9:15am.

Was called back to teach a lesson at 1:30pm.

And got a call with an offer around 8pm.


After having the night to think about it, I accepted the position this morning and will start mid-January.

I’m a 4th grade teacher through and through, so 2nd is a little scary.  Unknowns are scary.

But, stepping out in faith and trusting that I will learn & grow, not be perfect.

Just like Alex’s teacher, connecting with what lights up the kids and excites them is really what is the most important.  So grateful for the chance to enter the classroom again and start forming relationships with students and families.



5 thoughts on “Dpp 2013 :: December 19th :: Tie Goodness & New Adventures Ahead

  1. Primary is a different experience. I taught first grade for ONE year and I am glad I have had the experience, but also thankful that there are those who are passionate about teaching primary. 4th to 2nd isn’t nearly as big a jump. Enjoy!

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