Dpp 2013 :: December 27th :: Watercolors


Best start to the morning?!? An hour long walk with a dear friend in the dark before the sun rose. And then coming home to industrious boys wanting to try out the new Watercolors. Who can blame them ….nothing quite as magical as brand new art supplies. Oh, the possibilities!

And in other news, I took a poll on Facebook today and absolutely LOVED hearing everyone’s ideas and approaches to the age old question….when do you pack up Christmas? Here was my exact question….

Taking a poll this morning, for fun….when do you take down Christmas decorations? At the first sign of light on Dec 26th (ahem, Melissa Cartmell Larson…) or are you epiphany people, waiting til Jan 6th? Do you watch for needle mania on your floor and then take things down? Leave it up through New Year’s Eve? Take part down now and leave the outside lights until February? Or….are you quickly and quietly stashing nativities away in hopes that the kids won’t notice? (aka the annual, separate the nativity animals and people from the LEGOs “game”)

How would you answer….weigh in, friends!

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