DPP 2013 :: December 28th :: gussied up

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Today we took a little trip North to Salem, Oregon’s State Capitol. We enjoyed the A.C. Gilbert’s Discovery Village—part children’s discovery museum as well as home to an INCREDIBLE playground. I was taken aback by the amazingness of the view above. Who doesn’t want to enter a playground under pennant flags and twinkly lights?!?  Gussied up playground for the win!

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{This picture was given to me by my boy who wouldn’t stop running and playing IF….

I promised to go down the longest, enclosed, curly slide I have ever seen.

I followed through and almost had a claustrophobic attack once inside.  It was a foggy, muggy day and thus we didn’t “slide” down.  We scooched.  My heart literally hurt for about 5 minutes after.  Never again!}

unnamed (5)

{Drew in his happy place….electric trains!}

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unnamed (13)

We snuck into town and enjoyed a great lunch at Venti’s Cafe & Taphouse, a super lunch spot filled with mid-century modern vibe and very kid friendly. Sugar Sugar was recommended in Sunset Magazine {article about Salem here} and was having a “flash” 2-for-1 cupcake sale downtown, so the boys enjoyed a treat.

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The State Capitol was around the corner so we ooh-ed and ahh-ed and the grandeur and statues and then stopped at Broadway Coffeehouse for Stumptown coffee for the parents.

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Alex rushed us home to get working on his latest “novel”:  The Misty Island Adventure…nice to hurry to get home to write and play.  The perfect balance of some time out exploring and downtime at home.

Hard to believe 2014 is three days away!   Are you starting to set goals and make plans for the New Year?

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