Dpp 2013 :: December 29th :: 5 Stars!


For 2014, I am hoping to craft some goals to keep myself focused. As is typical for many, mine will include some major eating and exercise goals—I am turning 40 this year for heaven’s sake. Time to get serious. I don’t know about you, but I find it hard on many days to see the forest for the trees. Many (most!) days, my goal is to make it through with children fed and alive and clothed, successfully dropped off and picked up at school. But this year, without getting legalistic and freaky, I hope to set a few personal goals as a foundation for day-to-day life. A way to keep my mind growing, to use my imagination, to stay in the moment and focus on relationships.

One of these sillier goals, on the surface, was to complete a five star Suduko puzzle in 2014. Silly in the sense of importance, maybe. To me, however, since our move last summer and beginning to take the daily newspaper, my day feels incomplete without sitting down with my cold or thrice-warmed coffee to stretch my brain, and complete the Suduko. I always try Friday and Saturday’s 4 star challenges, but usually it ends in distraction or frustration. So today I decided to add the 5-star challenge to my list for 2014. I “warmed up” a week early and set to work on it today. A dress rehearsal of sorts. Two hours later, after many sighs, groans, fist pounding and “I won’t give ups”, I did the unthinkable. I finished that dang puzzle—-and didn’t even cheat!

So, the lesson? Who knows, but maybe a little something about setting measurable, specific goals. Goals about things that may seem silly on the surface but which truly push us into an area of growth. Whether it’s Suduko, green smoothies, re-entering the classroom or books to read on my nightstand, there are always going to be areas to stretch and grow. And….areas of frustration and incompletion. Time to sit in the middle of it all and chose to reach for some goals that seem unattainable. To fail. To succeed. To grow. And to get a little obnoxious about our “silly” victories and successes too.

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