The title to this post is misleading….but thinking about “weight” as it pertains to our emotional health.

I have been watching our neighborhood trees bear more and more weight today. We endured over a foot of snow and now the freezing rain has begun. The beautiful, dry fluffy covering has a hard edge. The boys were out playing in it and it was harsh, cold and painful.


A tree’s branch below our house cracked and is lying in the street. Our umbrella snapped. (Oregon newbies, obviously)


We have these same tendencies as humans. Bear the weight of our storms, hunker down against the onslaught and then finally something snaps. We aren’t meant to be holding so much. And when we try to, without reaching out, our human frailty surfaces. We aren’t infallible. We aren’t strong when we try to go it alone.

Snow storms mess with plans. They force us into close proximity. Cabin fever rages. Food supplies and sustenance runs out. And then? What? Do we wait til the breaking point to reach out? Or start to ask for help before we snap?


How do you cope with the weight that inevitably makes inroads in our hearts and minds?

We are…
making true SNOW cones
catching up on the Olympics
eating up our pantry, fridge and freezer
LEGO creating
LEGO movie watching (thank GOD, for husbands who take boys away for two hours!)
trying to solve our children’s sleep problems….
Making s’mores
Canceling church
Planning spring break and summer fun

….basically trying to bear the weight and not break. (Smile)


Through it all, even this storm-imposed slow down, I am feeling full, grateful and tired in a good way. It is the daily chance to work things through, live the life God has given us together. To bear the weight we each feel, the struggles we each face. To sit together, even in those broken places.


…..and when all else fails, just put in Mom’s ear plugs!

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