dpp 2014 :: december 1st :: sharing?!


It’s Day 1…of December and Advent.  Alex has had a LEGO advent calendar for the past four years, and we “got away” with Drew, our youngest, being oblivious.  He never seemed to realize that he was being “forgotten”.  So this year, since we are scaling back Christmas after our LEGOland trip, we decided we try sharing one LEGO Advent Calendar.

The boys got this note today…


Will it work? Time will tell.

And if it doesn’t, I will lecture them about their many gifts and the traps of entitlement in today’s youth.  Effective?!?

Perhaps, no.

Nothing like a LEGO Advent Calendar to help them remember the real reason for the season.



4 thoughts on “dpp 2014 :: december 1st :: sharing?!

  1. Great idea! Great way for Drew to learn difference between odds and evens. Of course, both boys should already know the difference: their mom is odd and their dad even… odder. 

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