dpp 2014 :: December 5th :: Two Sides to Every Story



Which image to post?  Which “reality” to post?  This is life….two sides.  Two options.  Which do you present to the public?!  And how to cope with emotions that change with the drop of a coin?  {aka…our life with a four year old}

It’s Friday, though, so I am going to remind them of the consequences of choice number one {Grumpy Pants Gough in Picture 1} vs choice two {Rolling With It Gough in Picture 2} and maybe even guilt the boys into number 2.  Because….today is the Eve of St. Nicholas Day.  We will be remembering this saint of old, who was honored due to his giving and grateful attitude as we move into December 6th.  We’ll be putting out shoes tonight—well, we live in Oregon.  And it is wet.  Foggy.  Cold and Freezing.  So…by the door, INSIDE.  We will be following the tradition of long ago {read my friend Micha’s thoughts posted on the blog two years ago to learn more about St Nicholas Day and how you can celebrate it today and tomorrow}.

“Those chocolate coins and oranges come at a COST, boys…..BE GRATEFUL.  BE HAPPY.  GIVE TO OTHERS.”


{Alex’s little shoes from three years ago when we lived in California and we could actually put them outside!}

I think I need to work on my build up and delivery, but that’s the goal.  Being true and authentic…but turning outwards.  Trying to rise about the rhetoric and the image we try to put forth and dive into the nitty gritty…service and others above self with a big helping of thankfulness on top.

And as Micha wrote in that post—-

And whenever they think of Santa shimmying down the chimney with the Lightning McQueen toy they’re most dreaming of, we’ll pray they’ll remember that, amazingly, the best gifts are usually the ones we give, not those we receive.

I pray they’ll love the mystery of Santa. What kid doesn’t? But I hope they’ll love him most for his heart, his kindness, his willingness to love back because of the Savior who rescued his life.


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