dpp 2014 :: december 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th :: catching up



Posted this one a day late but couldn’t resist the grainy blurriness of this shot—

the entire family, including Sally, the dog, made it.  

It was a Christmas miracle.

We packed up crabby Friday night boys and went to the Benton County Fairgrounds for the Pastega Light display.  Can’t help but be happy when viewing Christmas light displays, in my humble opinion.



Sunday was FOGGY.  And cold.  And the boys were….crabby.  Notice a theme?!?  


But in spite of it all, they dressed themselves in shorts and we went to church.  

Pastor’s Kids always dress the best!  

My spirit needed it as much as anyone else.  

Hubster preached a pretty vulnerable sermon and as Brene Brown wisely says, these moments can leave you with a vulnerability hangover.

So glad we made it because we all needed the balm that is often only found in community.  

Love our church family.

{here it is if you want to take a listen :  1stcorvallis.sermon.net/20261897}



Monday was….Monday.  

And yet, I have SO many friends fighting horrid illnesses right now (can we say, “NOROVIRUS HITS CORVALLIS”!??!  bleh).  

So, trying to remain positive and not sweat the small stuff like gray skies for weeks on end.  

Monday we got to host my friend’s kids and I loved watching all five (four pictured here) play outisde for an hour.  

It is dark, gray, cloudy and damp day after day, but I love that it didn’t deter youthful superhero fun.



 Handwriting Magic. 

Never gets old seeing handwriting formation.  

And Drew’s obsession with his REAL name….ANdrew.  Not DREW.  ANdrew!!!!



My amazing job share partner introduced me to the joys of Insta-snow and Steve Spangler.  I am a language arts and history nut, but science is not my thing.  I like it in concept, but it’s messy and confusing and unless it’s Geology, I could pass.  

But watching Melissa teach science to our kids and revel in the joys of the mess and confusion with them is giving me a bit more confidence.  I even enrolled them in the Science Club Steve Spangler does for the the New Year…

2015 the Year of Overcoming Christine’s Fears of Science.  

Today we tried Insta-Snow for our daily Advent activity.  

They had a blast and even made a snow foot bath…science spa time!  

My kind of science.


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