DPP 2014 :: December 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th

december 10


Wednesday, December 10th  :: Animal Reports!

Every single moment in my classroom has been spent notetaking, paragraph writing, editing and rewriting drafts for my students’ Animal Reports.

So to find this little gem amidst pages of notes made my day.

Kissing beaver teeth.

Cause….”Beaver Couples Mate for Life!”


Thursday, December 11th :: Sun!

A long lost friend showed up for a few hours on Thursday….after WEEKS of cold, damp gray, she peeped out.

Central Park, Corvallis

This was the day before, for perspective:


 Friday, December 12th  :: Caption This

Took caption suggestions for this one from friends to entertain myself on Friday.

  1. “What? I’m not a reindeer? Well, that explains Santa’s reaction when I tried on harness!”
  2. “See I can be good! I’m being good! Tell Santa! See my smile? I’m being good!”
  3. “O.K. mom, you’ve got your picture. Can I watch T.V. NOW???”
  4. “Yes, I’m a reindeer one moment and tooth brushing beaver fan the next. Now where are my presents?”
  5. Reindeer in Headlights
  6. “I didn’t do it.”
  7. “I love smiling.  Smiling’s my favorite!”
  8. “Santa is here for dinner?!??”
  9. “Nooooo….I am not THAT reindeer!”
  10. “What do you MEAN Christmas is right around the corner?”
  11. “You think these shorts are too short??  No Way!”
  12. “Yes, I DID just eat the whole gingerbread house……Why???!!  MORE SUGAR!!!”



Saturday, December 13th :: 10:11 on 12-13-14

 Saturday’s Picture was all about this fun event that won’t happen for a LONG time again…

10:11 on 12 – 13 – 14!



And Today…Sunday, December 14 :: LEGO Nativity

I pulled up some directions and ideas on Pinterest for LEGO Nativity scenes or Christmas LEGO builds.

None seemed to match Alex’s vision.  So he made his own creation.

Complete with a comfortable belly shirt for Mary, because, “MOM!  She just had a BABY.”



Some outtakes and Favorites from the Week:


A still of the hours of Nativity 2-Man Play Moments.

This was a rather epic event.

Pictured above:  Angel Gabriel, Jesus (Pig) and Mary


Each year our church does “Christmas Camp” which means we get to drop the boys off for three hours of baking, cookie decorating, crafting and game playing, book reading in tents and general fun.  Matt and I got to enjoy lunch at Les Caves, downtown shopping at the Inkwell and Many Hands Trading Company and an espresso at Tried and True Coffee.  Sun was shining and skies were blue.  Such a treat.


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