DPP 2014 :: December 24th :: Merry Christmas from the Goughs



As usual, I cheat for December 24th’s December Photo Project each year.

Posting some Holiday Greetings from our family today….

None of these pics are new and as a self-identified over-sharer on various forms of social media, I take embarrassed credit for that.

It’s been a busy “first full year” in Oregon and we even heard from the Governor to prove it!

Looking forward to time spent with family today, along with church, of course.  Grandpa Macho Pop and Grandma LeiLei flew in last night and my parents drive south today in the deluge that has taken over our state.  Yippee for Grandparents!!!!! (as soon as we start crying over their departure, Baba Judy will arrive early next week…yeehaw!)

10603693_10152468646291039_2178104530602703158_n(DPP 2014 :: December 23rd :: Hunting.

Read these wise words from Rumi in the book Thrive. Some true wisdom in those words.)

* * * * *

Santa just called declaring the boys to have scraped onto the the “nice list” by the skin of their teeth—

which is somewhat comical in that they aren’t getting many gifts from us anyhow due to LEGOland.

Enjoy those BOOKS from Santa!

Without further adieu, the letter….

Merry Christmas!  And as Rumi reminded me yesterday, hunt for what is already around your neck.




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