Some Clutter Follow Up


It’s a “deja vu” picture!  Just over a year ago I sorted and reorganized our pantry.  I labelled everything.  I wiped the cabinets and counters clean.  It was even inventoried.  And….let’s just say, it needs another major overhaul, just 372 days later.  This is the way of organization, I believe.  Dig in.  Start.  Feel relief and then HORROR as your relief turns to disbelief.  We need to do that AGAIN!?!?

Planning to tackle about 5 loads of laundry today and this pantry!  Say a prayer now…

I received so many emails and messages that you have decided to sign up for the Clutter Free in 2015 Challenge.  Remember, sign up HERE.  You will begin getting daily tips and emails on January 6th.  The emails will go for 21 days to give you a kick start and then you will have all year to finish the challenge.  Because I am weird I may shoot for 2015 items in 2015 vs 2000, but we’ll see!

Some of you also mentioned you’d like to buy the book—-and YOU SHOULD.  It is one that I need to write in and mark up.  If you want to start the clutter free journey, you could opt for the the digital version, though.  Currently, Amazon is backordered, but all sellers of the book are listed here on Kathi’s webpage.

I also received a number of emails and questions about Christmas “crap” for lack of a more civilized word.  One of the thing Kathi addresses in the book is the need we have to please and not to offend anyone.  The way that obligation literally holds us back from getting rid of things we just don’t want to bring into the mix.  One suggestion a friend gave me a few years back (happens to also be a preschool teacher and mom too) is to bag up those items (plastic Dollar Store gems, Happy Meal toys, loud sing-song stuffed animals, etc) and leave them in a special place in your garage or attic or basement.  Mark your calendar for two months out and if your kids haven’t asked for them, feel free to send them to Goodwill.  Sometimes an open conversation with the child is all that’s needed–vs. my earlier “deception” plan.

The hard part can often be fear of offending the gift-giver whose intentions are usually loving and good.  One of my current goals which is needing to be revitalized from earlier attempts, is to encourage experience gifts.  Gifts cards for a treat or meal out, movie tickets, zoo or museum memberships, a cooking class or kids art class.  There are so many options and they often mean just as much if not more.  One year, my eldest was having a camping themed birthday party and we encouraged folks to contribute towards him getting a heavy duty sleeping bag.  It was thematic and fun and he was able to choose something that was durable and long lasting.



Send your questions, successes and thoughts along or mention them in the comment section below.  I am not an expert whatsoever, but along on the journey as well.  Maybe you want to tackle some online clutter today?!  My other task is unsubscribing to all the updates I keep getting from stores for special offers.  It seems there is a LOT of things I never knew I desperately needed.  Happy Sunday!


 Some Christmas Catch-up and Wrapping up the December Photo Project


Happy After the Ladies dominated the Rummikub Match!  (selfie stick fun continues)


DPP 2014 :: December 27 :: Last Shot with Macho Pop & LeiLei! So grateful for family visits!!!!


One of the funniest parenting moments of my life last night. Glad Matt managed to capture it.
Alex: “Time for A Sexist Carol!”
Me: “Do you mean A SUSSEX Carol?”
Alex: “Um…yes.”


My Mom having a great time communicating with everyone….Isolationism!!!!


DPP 2014 :: December 25th :: Thankful. H

ubster did the BEST SURPRISE….new camera for me! The story and details will come soon but so excited!!!!! Still surprising me after almost 11 years of marriage!


Jesus Peppermint Ice Cream Cake….with the selfie stick! This cake is a joke folks…JAZZ HANDS!!!!!




Not sure I will ever forgive my mother for the candy train…. ha ha!



Alex’s dream come true. Tux and Hat from Grandma & Grandpa. Formal Attire for Christmas Dinner!


Matt and the “Happy Light”. Children’s service captured by my friend, Kendra. Matt talked about how we try and create our own light and happiness (even with extension cords!) and really it’s just about something much bigger than that. It was pretty awesome.

It was such a wonderful holiday…full with commitments, but time with family and watching the joy of the holidays through the eyes of kids.  Pretty awesome.

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